Terton Soprano in C, a’=408, 415, 392Hz

Engelbert Terton (1676-1752) is a woodwind instrument maker who was active in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His works contain recorder, traverso, oboe and bassoon. The original soprano recorder with silver decoration, located in The Hague, is particularly famous and we are making a soprano in C at a’=415Hz based on it. It is a model that represents Baroque soprano, with a sweet and dense tone and impressive functionality such as reaction, resistance, and intonation.

It has extremely steep chamfer angle on the wind-way exit on body side, which is believed to create a unique Terton-like sound. In addition, the distance from the wind-way exit to the edge of the labium is 3.3mm, which is relatively close. It seems to be one of the reasons for its dense sound.

Since the original is around a'=408Hz, we have made a modern baroque pitch a’=415Hz by slightly shortening the middle joint. An additional joints for a’=392Hz is also available.