Stanesby Jr. Soprano in D (6th Flute), a’=422, 415Hz

This model is based on the soprano recorder in D by Thomas Stanesby Jr. (1692-1754), who was active with his father T. Stanesby Sr. (1668-1734) in London,  England. It is one tone higher than the normal soprano recorder in C. It is called a “6th flute” because it is 6 notes away from an alto recorder in F, which is the most common at the time. The original is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (F. Brüggen collection).  It is made of ivory and has beautiful sculptures on the entire instrument. Although the mouthpiece is damaged, it is in good condition and features light and cute tone color. British composers such as J. Baston and W. Babel have written many concertos for the 6th flute. 

The original is pitched at a’=422Hz so the middle joint would be extended for a'=415Hz.

Concerto for soprano recorder in D (6th flute) in G major / Leonardo Leo

Instrument Used:Stanesby Jr. Soprano in D, a’=415Hz(by Seiji Hirao)

played by Lucie Horsch