Stanesby Jr. Alto in F, a’=415, 411Hz

Thomas Stanesby Jr. (1692-1754) was a woodwind instrument maker who was active with his father T. Stanesby Sr. in London, England. His works contain recorder, traverso, oboe and bassoon. He had apprenticed under Sr. since he was 14 years old, and when I was 21 years old, he started his own workshop near his father's workshop. There are at least 22 recorders extant, including special sizes such as soprano in D and tenor in B♭ in addition to normal altos.

Our Stanesby Jr. alto is based on the original owned by M. Piguet in the past. It is a very well-balanced model that has sweet and bright tone, outstanding intonation, quick response. It is one of the most popular models among today’s recorder players. Since the original is pitched around a'=411Hz, it is compatible with the modern baroque pitch a’=415Hz by shortening the middle joint.

Fantasie nr.3 h-moll/d-moll für Flöte solo ohne Bass TWV 40:4 / Georg PhilippTelemann

Instrument Used:Stanesby Jr. Alto, a’=415Hz(by Seiji Hirao)

played by Michael Schneider

Sonata in D minor arranged from Concerto Grosso Op.6-3 / Arcangelo Corelli, arr. J.C.Schickhardt

Instrument Used:Stanesby Jr. Alto, Bressan Alto, a’=415Hz(by Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka)

played by Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka, Mitsuko Ota