Ganassi Consort Set, a’=440Hz

The Ganassi recorder is a type of recorder of the Renaissance period. However, unlike the "Bressan" or "Stanesby" in Baroque recorders, there is no maker named "Ganassi." If you are interested in what this model is and its origin, please refer to this page where it is explained.

This is a consort set of Ganassi recorders, composed of a soprano in C, an alto in G or F, a tenor in C and a bass in F. The alto in G is so-called Ganassi recorder, based on the G-alto recorder SAM135 in the collection of the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum. The others are scaled-down/up models from the alto in G. 

Basically sold as a set of four, you can choose either G or F for the alto. However, it's also possible to make a set of five, including both altos in G and F. Additionally, individual orders for each size are accepted.

Unlike the Ganassi recorder for solo use, the joints are made of wood, producing a harmonious and soft tone. The tenor and bass recorders can play high notes beyond the 14th, and with their rich volume, they are capable for performing early Baroque repertoire. A semi-direct system is utilized for the bass recorder, which ensures a structure where back-flow of water droplets does not occur during playing, contributing to a comfortable and continuous performance.

Carmen in la / L. Senfl

Instrument Used:Ganassi Consort Set, a’=440Hz(by Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka)

played by Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka, Mitsuko Ota, Megumi Fukuoka, Terumichi Otsuka