Bressan Soprano in B, a’=415, 412Hz / in A, a’=415Hz

It is based on the original soprano recorder in B by Pierre Jaillard Bressan (1663-1731) in the Bate Collection. Unfortunately, there are traces that the total length has been modified so the exact original pitch is unknown, but when we made assumptions about the original state and repeated trial production, the estimated original pitch would be approximately a'=412Hz. (Photo left)

It is one note lower than the normal soprano in C and sounds mellow and mature. It is called “4th flute.” You can hear the sound varies quite colorfully from low to high notes.

The only works that specify soprano in B are the suites by C. Dieupart. "Flûte du quatre" (4th flute) is written in the sheet music of No.5 and No.6, the only pieces currently known to have been written for this size of recorder. Once you play these pieces on soprano in B, you realize that Dieupart composed them for this model, not soprano in C. It can also be used for all kinds of chamber music, especially suited for music with many flats.

An additional joint for soprano in A (3rd flute), which is just in-between soprano and alto, is available. (Photo right)

Suite V en fa majeur pour Flûte du quatre et Basse Continue Charles Dieupart

Instrument Used:Bressan Soprano in B, a’=415Hz(by Seiji Hirao)

played by Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka